Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dusting the Ceiling Fan

A house I lived in years ago practically had a ceiling fan in every room and I got to the point of hating them not only because I am not especially fond of their looks, but cleaning them has always been a pain.  Here we only have one ceiling fan and it is in the bedroom.  It is needed in the summer time or we would never stay remotely comfortable when the temps reach 109 degrees during July and August.

I really dislike this ceiling fan because it is pretty much right over the bed no matter how we arrange the room.  I have used all sorts of cleaning methods over the years to dust the blades, but I have always been annoyed that I was basically dusting it on to the bed creating more work for myself.  Finally....I found the solution....using an old pillow case.

* Slide a pillow case over a blade of the ceiling fan.
* Hold one end and pull it along the blade. The dust and debris fall into the pillow case and not all over the room. 
* After doing this to each blade, take the pillow case outside and turn it inside out, shake out the dust and debris, and then launder. 

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