Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favorites

DIY Drop Cloth Stenciled Curtains  -  I think this would be an inexpensive way to replace curtains throughout the house.  I just wonder if they look as nice as they do in the photo as I really am thinking this is something I am going to do for our bedroom and the kitchen and dining room.

Staining Oak Cabinets Espresso  - again something I would love to do and this blog makes it look not as difficult as I thought it would be

Organization Board Tutorial -  a board with all the things  I need in one place. Very stylish too! I love the idea of putting them in frames and using them as dry erase boards with the printable check list under the glass.

Clean and Regrease a Kitchen Aid Mixer  - just something that might be helpful to those of us with Kitchen Aid Mixers

Thai Peanut Slaw - this is a different recipe then I usually see...I love the thought of the dressing. I really want to try this and add some grilled chicken to it for a good summer time meal

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