Monday, March 26, 2012

Cleaning Your Computer

We are upon that season called "Spring Cleaning" and this would be a good time to clean your computer. Always start with your instruction manuals for cleaning to see if they have specific cleaning directions.

Microfiber clothes
Cotton Swabs and/or Foam Swabs (like clean eye shadow applicators)
Canned Air
Water or Water/Vinegar Solution

* Turn off computer and unplug electrical cords. Take out the battery if it is a laptop.
*  Never spray anything directly on to the computer instead spray the cloth or swab with water or a water/vinegar solution
* Wipe down computer case, speakers, knobs, vents with a slightly damp cloth or use swab over small knobs/buttons or inputs - follow with a dry microfiber cloth.  For stubborn spots, mix a bit of dish soap in with your vinegar/water solution and wipe down again.
* Wipe down the screen with a barely damp microfiber cloth (just water is best for screen). Don't push hard on stubborn spots as it can harm the computer monitor.  Just dampen your cloth again with water and go over it again and again until it is gone.   Do not use any papertowels or tissues on the screen as it can scratch some screens. Do not spray directly on the screen - spray on the cloth and use the dampened cloth on your screen.  Don't use any commercial brand cleaner like Windex or alcohol on your screen as it might react adversely. Just use water or if having a tough spot use water/vinegar solution.
* Turn your keyboard upside down over a wastebasket.  Give a few gentle shakes or taps to the bottom to dislodge debris under the keys. Holding the keyboard upside down over the wastebasket, spray some canned air to shoot between each row of keys.  
* Take a swab dipped in water/vinegar solution and go over the keys, cleaning them. The tops and the outside of them.  You can also just use a slightly damp cloth to go over the tops. 
* Wipe your mouse down with a damp microfiber cloth.  If you have a optical mouse, take a cotton swab with the tip damp with water or vinegar/water solution and run it over the the bottom lens (where it shows red light when turned on).  If you have a trackball, take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe over the balls several times so it has spun all the way around. 

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