Sunday, March 25, 2012

2 Week Menu Plan

Week 1

1) Lasagna; asparagus (Update: The sauce on that asparagus link is AWFUL. Thankfully, I tried it with only one bite and didn't ruin the entire bunch of spears. My fall back will always be some butter and kosher salt. I don't know why I try and get creative. Creative tastes like POOP, lol.)

2) Enchiladas; refried beans; salsa rice

3) Tomato soup and grilled cheese

4) Pot roast, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes; dinner salad.

5) Chili; corn bread; Fritos (M can't eat chili without Fritos!)

6) Burgers and fries

7) Leftovers.

Week 2

1) Roast chicken; garlic mashed potatoes; roasted cauliflower

2) Chicken pot pie (using Meal 1′s leftover chicken, I hope); salad

3) Potato soup and turkey sandwiches on homemade rolls

4) "Hamburger Heaven"; cheddar-garlic biscuits

5)Tetrazzini (only with turkey); Caesar salad

6) Pulled pork on buns; raw vegetables with dip; cucumber-onion salad

7) Leftovers

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