Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review: Kaboom Foam-Tastic

I've mentioned before I live in Central Georgia. Along with hard water stains, there is also the build up of orange stains on your white porcelain in the bathroom Why? Because Georgia has RED CLAY which gets on everything. Seriously. When I volunteered for the Humane Society, we had a lovely white dog who would promptly roll in the dirt after her bath. People would stop and say, "What an unusual color dog, what do you call that?"

I'm constantly trying to find the best product to get rid of soap scum, hard water and orange dirt stains in the shower. This week I tried Kaboom! Foam-Tastic with OxyClean.


I liked the idea that it sprays on blue and turns white when ready to wipe off.


It cleaned fairly well, but there are several things I don't like about it.

* The fumes are horrible. I wouldn't suggest spraying around small children or animals. Or without having the bathroom fan on or window open.

* It seems to me that on spots where there is a lot of hard water or soap scum it should take longer to turn white, but it doesn't. It makes cleaning these areas slightly easier, but you still need to scrub.

* The nozzle gets clogged the more you spray. I didn't notice this the first time and ended up with a huge foamy ball of cleaner dropping onto my shoes. This is how it looked after just spraying what little I did in the sink for this post.


So I guess I'm going back to my Scrubbing Bubbles because they work just as well and don't have the added bonus of headaches from noxious fumes!


  1. Scrubbing Bubble is what I found works best too. Thank you for tring it out and sharing.


  2. Did you know they have another version of this product that is not in an aerosol can? i wonder if it works as well.

    i am long-time fan of Scrubbing Bubbles, too and wondered how they compared.

    i liked the idea of the turning colors and that it works on rust stains and such. Scrubbing Bubbles is great to clean but does not do much for rust and hard water stains, etc.

    ~Malcolm Diamond's slave eli

  3. I love to clean with natural products but scrubbing bubbles has been hard for me to give up and I give in and buy them every so often. Thank you for the product review Rheya!

  4. I tried to switch over to all natural products because I felt the others weren't good for my children. But I have found that NOTHING cleans as well as good bleach products and also scrubbing bubbles. So now I just make sure to vent the bathroom really well and also to make sure the kids aren't in there with me when I use them. I like to know our house is clean and disinfected and germ free bathrooms. Bleach ensures this.



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