Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stocking Stuffer

Want a quick, fun, easy stocking stuffer? Clothes Pin Magnets. I made these the last couple years and stuck them in almost every stocking and package last year.

I bought a package of clothes pins at the dollar store (36 in a package). I painted them with a foam bush using the cheapest acrylic paint. They did dry very quickly because I didn't put the paint on thick - just almost a thin wash of it on the clothes pin. Once dry I took rubber stamps to stamp them with images. It didn't matter if the image fit on the clothes pin or not...having it run off the edge worked still. And then I glued a magnet to the back.

They would be cute too if you stamped names on them or to-do, urgent, read and so on them for an office or teacher. Michael's sells tiny alphabet stamps for $1 that work well on them.


  1. This is a great project! I had my girls do something like it but they made glittery birds and we hot glue them on. I like them to see the value in handmade gifts over commercially made ones! More so since custom/handmade products is how we make a liviing!

  2. We were fortunate enough to receive a lovely pair of these from Danae last year, or the year before, I do not remember which. But we use them still on the fridge. They are currently holding some of Sydney's art work :) But have held all sorts of things in the past on my fridge. My many thanks as they are useful and pretty.



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