Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Save Money

Things to do to save money...
* Don't use paper towels or napkins - instead use cloth towels and napkins
* Cancel subscription to cable and watch things online
* Drop landline if you have a cell phone
* Use rechargable batteries
* Chop and grate yourself - cheese, fruit and veggies
* Don't shop on an empty stomach and make a list - then you won't be filling your cart with items that are more expensive or just grab junk food to make instead of a real meal.
* When you find a good sale, stock up but only enough to last until the next sale so that you don't waste by purchasing too much and it expires or you find another brand that is less expensive.
* Don't buy box cake and brownie mixes as basic ingredients such as flour and sugar are far less expensive.
* Cancel gym and work out at home - youtube has many exercise videos or check out exercise dvd's from the library
* Cut down on dry cleaning - I saved money doing more things on delicate or handwashing. If it says dry clean only then only dry clean but if the tag says dry clean it does mean that dry cleaning is preferable but not necessary. Wash things in cold water with a cool water detergent and either wash on delicate or hand wash. Now of course be careful what you do this with...I just started taking the chance and it has worked out for me. So use this tip with care as some items it might not work for - so if it is your very favorite dress then don't chance it
* If you have some clothes that aren't even suitable for donating, instead repurpose and salvage - cutting up old clothes for rags or use the fabric to make something else, salvage buttons, zippers, drawstrings and any trim that can be reused for mending or remaking.
* Don't print - think before you print. Do you really need to print the grocery list you just typed up? Could you hand write it on a piece of scrap paper? Can some things be stored on online storage or a disc instead of being printed.
* Pick up the store brand instead of the name brands. No-name cereals - are just as good as the name brand. Make sure you look down on the shelves as sometimes no-name items are on lower shelves instead of eye level next to the name brand.
* Check out day-old breads or meats about to expire in your grocery stores. Check closely for freshness.
* Make and bring your lunch instead of going out everyday.
* Go to the library to check out books, audiobooks, music and movies

Please share your money saver ideas.


  1. * Make your own cleaners and laundry detergent. Baking soda and/or washing soda, ammonia, vinegar and borax work wonderfully. Your grandmother/great grandmother probably used only this.

    * Take baths instead of showers, don't leave the water running when brushing your teeth or rinsing dishes (use a tub), run your dish washer only when completely full.

    * Unplug appliances and other electronics when not in use. Those silly stand by lights and clocks still use power you don't need.

    * Buy energy-efficient light bulbs but use sunlight whenever you can. An open window gives more than enough light during the day.

    * Learn how to make bread by hand.

  2. CFB for sure make a big difference.

    Last year, I gathered my own firewood, cut-split-stacked it all too. Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to heat a house with a normal fireplace. In fact, once on an exceptionally cold day, our furnace went OOS (out of service). When the repair man came on an "emergency" dispatch, the inside temp was 68. It takes a lot of work to haul that much lumber, but I saw a precipitous drop in heating costs.

    I also lost a lot of weight and got into good shape. Hauling heavy forest wood and splitting it is good for the old bod.

  3. Shoot a deer. Once dressed, it is meet for a family through a winter.

  4. plant a veggie garden. Chard can be harvested all winter long in moderate climates. Indoor veggies too if it is north of the mason/dixon line.

  5. shop for groceries only once every two weeks. Otherwise, impulse buying can creep in.

  6. take up fishing as a hobby. catfish tastes like eating mud, but bass is yummy.

  7. Join a CSA -- you will find it both better quality produce and also cheaper than purchasing at grocery store.

    Use coupons wherever possible. Also look for sales and combine your coupons with the items when they are on sale.

    Find some "special occasion clothing" at consignment shops. often times, especially for children's clothing, you can find ne clothes (tags still on) at a consignment shop for 1/2 the price it would have cost if you had purchased in a regular department store. This is especially helpful for the only on one occassion pieces of clothing you might need and may not need a 2nd time.



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