Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favorites

I don't know about in your house but in our house dinner time can sometimes be a super busy time of day. Even though it is a busy time of day in our house I still like to get good tasting food on the table in the evenings. With that in mind this week's Friay Favorites are all about the quick and easy meal.

Mccormick 30 minute meals This is one of my go to sites when I need quick meal ideas. It's not fancy food by any means, but it is tastey and quick, as well as nutricious.

Rachel Ray
We are also big Rachel Ray fans in our house. Her recipes are easy to follow, affordable food, things my whole family will eat even the picky eaters, and quick to prepare.

365 No Repeats Cookbook This is one of my go to cookbooks for dinner ideas when I need a quick and easy meal. I like that it gives me so many options without repeating itself. It inspires me not to cook the same 10 dishes over and over again.

Dinner planner This is a great site to utilize if you, like many of us, find yourself in a rut with cooking the same few things often. It's a grea tool in helping to prepare dinner planning ahead of time so that you have a game plan and can excute that plan. That is also a time saver in the kitchen.

30 meals in one day I haven't tried this product out, but I keep coming back to the site because it is a concept that I have seriously given much thought to. I like the idea of being able to prepare many meals all at once. Using say a Sunday to cook up a week or two (or according to this site 30 days worth) of meals all at one time, then storing them in the freezer for future use. In our house we do prepare some meals ahead of time so that on nights that are super rushed we can just grab the already prepared frozen meal, defrost and heat, add a healthy salad or fresh veggie side dish, and we are good to go. This site may be worth checking out for some of you who want to do a lot of food preparation ahead of time.


  1. wonderful. I was just wondering what I was going to do for dinner. Our plans changed and I need to come up with something. I have the RR 365-no-repeat and will check it when I go home at lunch time. I needed to go home then anyway to finish the bed linen washing.

    anyway, thx.

  2. The 30 days worth of meals link appears to be broken

  3. I fixed it. Jen had it linking to the cookbooks but it doesn't seem to want to work that way. So I just linked to the main site.



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