Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favorites

Although summer is still upon us, with Labor Day approaching in a few weeks my mind starts drifting to fall. A wonderful season to enjoy but also one with a lot of yard and house clean up and maintenance. Here are some helpful links for just such an occassion.

Real Simple Home Orgainzing
Fall cleaning Checklist. I always find it helpful to make a checklist when I do spring and fall cleaning. Real Simple has gone and made one up already that you may find helpful if you haven't already made your own list.

Closet Tips
5 tips to organizing your closet. I found this to be helpful although a bit basic. I am always looking for better ways to organize a closet and this was a good place to start.

Fall Backyard Cleanup Tips
Fall cleanup for backyards. This site had a lot of helpful information regarding backyard cleanup for the fall season. They provided ten time saving tips on yard maintenance and care.

Gutter Cleaning
A How to Guide to Gutter cleaning. I put this one in here now because although the leaves are still on the trees, in the northeast they will fall soon enough and if you have to do any maintenance to your gutters it is best to accomplish this before the leaves start to fall so that your gutters are functional when fall does come.

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