Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out of Control

Well I am up at 3am because there are not enough hours in the day for me right now. I think we all go through those times where things just aren't going smoothly. And you have so much on your plate you don't know where to start.

That is where I am at right now. Last year I was ahead in all my holiday prep....this year a string of events happened that cause me to get so behind that I have to basically make up 3 weeks of work in one. We haven't even got our tree up yet which is unusual.

Just posting this to let you know I may love all things domestic but I fall behind and don't do a good job at always juggling all my priorities. And so sometimes I have to do things like stay up until 3am.

What do you do when you have too much to do? How do you stay organized to get it all done?


  1. I'm pretty sure every single one of us has times like this.

    What do I do? Prioritize and let unimportant things(and maybe sometimes an important thing or two) fall to the wayside. If I have to, I bring The Man into it and ask him. Something like, "I have this, this and this to do, but I only have time for one of them. Which do you think I should do?" Sometimes just hashing it out with him, even if he has no real preference for what to do, helps me organize it for myself.

    What I don't do is make myself crazy over what doesn't get done. I try and keep my eye on the big picture and not let the piddly stuff become the big picture, you know?

    Good luck. Wish I were closer so I could help!

  2. I'm right there with kaya on this one. You do what you can, and let the rest go. It's not worth making yourself crazy over it, or sick over it.

    I am way behind this year in most "holiday" things between busy schedules, this pregnancy kicking my butt, and an active almost 2 year old... that I have decided to do the "must get done things", and the rest will not be done this year. And i am actually okay with that.

    I rather be able to enjoy the holidays a bit, than stress :)

    But I totally get how you are feeling! I wish i was closer so that I could help you out.

  3. I'm sorta confused as to WHAT exactly is on your TO DO-list if it's planned for *four* weeks. O.o

    We got our tree today. Actually, M decided we're doing Christmas at all the day before yesterday, so I'm in the same boat. We also don't OWN christmas stuff, 'cuz we haven't really DONE Christmas the last four years. (Uh - that'd be like "not once since I moved from Mum's - OMG we don't own stuff to put in the tree!")

    The ever-eluding perfect christmas is no less myth than twoo luw or Tha Pwefect Mindwiding Mafter. ;) Personally, I'm screwing up since there's about three milimeters of snow outside (thanks, but no thanks kaya, you can keep yours, mmk?).

    So. Don't worry, be happy!

  4. kaya, I am trying to not make myself crazy but of course I am a little. :)

    Jen, I don't know how people with little kids do it. And to have morning (all-day) sickness on top of it. Oh my! I do hope you are taking it easy on yourself.

    Thank you both for the sweet wish of living closer and helping out!

    Dakrish, my holiday planning I have on my calendar year to year - the same things. It really doesn't change. I just got slammed with unexpected guests this year, traveling out of town for work several times and then work projects that came up when I got home. So all the things I normally do during the holiday - make gifts, sign and address 100+ cards, decorate, wrap presents, bake, get ready for holiday parties and such have taken a back seat and are all piling up in one week. All my family lives far away so I need to get things done and mailed to them this week. So it just is a little out of control here. I see a flurry of bows and paper going tomorrow. :)

  5. D -- I know you will get it done! At the end of the day you are always great at pull a rabbit out of your hat! I am always amazed at how much you get done in and around the home, while being busy with work etc.

    My secret this week to finding extra time -- take out!! S is eating a LOT of take out this week. And thankfully doesn't seem to mind. He and Sydney have been enjoying various restaurant food. It has saved me tons of time at night from having to cook dinner. Not a great solution but it has helped.

  6. Jen, we had chinese take out last night. Take out works for me! I just wish we had more of a take out selection in GJ that was good. lol So I am all about quick meals this week. Today I am throwing a roast in the crockpot with veggies so all I have to do is serve at the end of the day. Tomorrow night will probably be having roast sandwiches. Or french bread pizza - I had made up a bunch of those a few weeks ago so I can pull those out for a quick meal too.

    Thank you on the pulling a rabbit out of hat....I work well under pressure I guess. I hate to say that but I do. Master always says he finds it amazing I do get it all done when it looks like I won't be able too. This time though I have pushed some things to next week when it will be more quiet just before the holiday.



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