Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Favorite

This first link is from a newsletter I get in my inbox but you can view them online too. It is a newsletter by the actress Gynweth Paltrow called GOOP - Nourish Your Inner Aspect and each week she sends a newsletter that deals with one of these topics: MAKE, GO, GET, DO, BE or SEE. This link is from MAKE and has so many yummy looking Italian recipes.

Waterproofing a Blanket for picnics and Beach Towel/Blanket with pockets - good projects that might needed for the summer time. Master and I take day trips often that lead to picnics so both ideas I think would be great to have in the car for those.

Lazy Productivity: 10 Simple Ways to do Three Things Today - When feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated this article might help

Tag-Sale Upgrades - Summer time is the time of garage sales, estate sales, flea markets so finding items to recycle and repurpose into something new is always easy

Pick of the Crop: Choosing the most Flavorful Fruit
- I know this is something I get hung up on knowing what I am picking up is the best quality and knowing how to store them. So now with the start of the Farmers Market I can have some good information at hand.

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