Monday, January 5, 2009

Organizing Greeting Cards

It is the start of the year and often it is the time of year when people reorganize and declutter. One of my projects at the start of the year is organizing greeting cards that will be needed throughout the year. I start of the new year by making sure I have greeting cards for the entire year. Yes the whole year. I have found that easier for getting cards out on time. I make up a little chart in word broken down by month and with birthday/anniversary dates on it and then gather cards for everyone. I also stock up on miscellaneous cards (get well, sympathy and friendship.) I found a little file box the perfect size for greeting cards and labeled each pocket with the months of the year. And then the extra pockets with just extra miscellaneous cards that aren't part of monthly cards.

My little box I found on clearance but of course there could be many ways to organize them.

Uncommon Good carries the folder on the bottom right. And directly above it is a container from The Container Store.

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