Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Weeks of Menus

I have been keeping track of my menus a lot better this year. So just sharing my last 3 weeks menu with you.

Feb 3 - Feb 9

Sun -  grilled chicken, baked potato, steamed veggies
Mon -  nachos with all the toppings
Tues - Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and garlic bread
Wed -  out of town
Thurs - Rotisserie Chicken and salad
Fri - Sloppy Joe Skillet and green beans
Sat - pancakes and sausage served with some pineapple

Feb 10 - Feb 16

Sun -  Pot Roast - with roasted potatoes, carrots and green beans
Mon -  Breakfast for dinner - egg in a hole with sausage
Tues -  Shepherd's Pie and salad (only thing I do different from that recipe is only use 1 1/2 to 2 cups veggies)
Wed - Cashew Chicken
Thurs - Went out to eat for Valentine's Day
Fri - Baked Southwest Egg Rolls - meant to serve with a salad but when the egg rolls came out they looked so good we just started with those and forgot about the salad in the fridge (so had those for lunch the next day)
Sat -  Pitas stuffed with sliced turkey, spinach, tomatoes, cheese served with pickles and potato chips.

Feb 17 - Feb 23

Sun - Philly stuffed peppers* with steamed veggies and salad
Mon - stomboli and salad
Tues - Frittata and salad - have left overs from the philly stuffed peppers and steamed veggies so using it in a frittata
Wed - Grilled chicken breasts and either cauliflower pancakes or a cauliflower potato bake served with a side salad
Thurs - out of town
Fri - out of town
Sat - Cashew Chicken (yes again - just have everything and it is quick after we have been out of town)

* Recipes coming soon!

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