Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Pillowcase Apron Tutorial

A few months ago, I found some hand-embroidered vintage pillowcases at the thrift store.  I picked them up for a screaming deal and figured I'd find a use for them if not for a bed then maybe a quilt.  I made a skirt from one that I have to say is so cool and comfortable I know I'll be living it in during the hot days of July and August.

Another I turned into an adorable apron and figured I'd share just how you can do it too.

Step 1.  Cut the pillow-case to the desired length.  Leave the bottom edge in tact (if possible) so that it becomes the bottom of the apron and doesn't need hemmed.

Step 2. Cut the pillow case sides, so that it's no longer a tube but rather two separate pieces of fabric.  Hem the raw edges.  Do this by rolling the edge over and pressing with an iron, then roll and press again so that the raw edge is tucked inside.  Sew a stitch all the way around these rolled hems. 
Step 3.  Make the aprons strings.  From the leftover pillow case fabric.  Cut two strips 3 inches wide and as long as needed to tie around the waist.  Fold the strips in half, long-wise.  Run a seam down the open end, using 3/8" allowance.  Do this on both strips.  Turn the strips right-side out.  I use a knitting needle to do this but chopsticks, even pencils work.  The strips are basically a long tube at this point.  Fold the raw open ends of the tube inside and press the entire strip flat.

Step 4: Attach the strings by running a stitch in the shape of a square around the string and top corner of the apron.  Seal the other end by running a stitch down the edge.

Step 5: Wear proudly! 

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