Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchen Counter

I don't like kitchen clutter but it often seems like it is something that just happens. But one thing that I think at least helps make my kitchen counters not look so cluttered is nicer containers for the things that need to be sitting out. Here are a few of my containers....

The olive oil bottle has dish soap in it. The small little shaker in the front on the right that you often see at pizza places with peppers in it - has baking soda in it. I clean with it quite a bit so I shaking it on to a surfaces with this bottle is quick and easy. The sugar pour bottle on the left is dishwasher detergent. I really like having it in this bottle because I don't use as much as it comes out more slowly then the box it comes in.

I got the 2 smaller bottles in the front from Dollar Tree. But I have seen smaller olive oil bottles at Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

* As pointed out in the comments that these could be mistaken for sugar. If you, have kids or those in your household that you feel would, easy solution would be to label them. We have a label maker that I use all the time to label shelves and such and I can see using that on these as well but in our house we both know what is in them and it wouldn't be mistaken for anything other then what is in them.


  1. I have my mouthwash in the bathroom in an old wine decanter I found cheap at an antique store :)

  2. Looks nice, but I recommend caution if you have children or guests in your kitchen. They might mistake the detergent for sugar and put it into their cofee.
    I was told never to put poisonous substances into anything even vaguely resembling a food container. I was even scolded once for filling vinegar into an empty wine bottle.

  3. Tamera, I do understand that. It is just Himself and I and he knows what is in them. So wouldn't mistake them for sugar. But a friend of mine just made labels for hers that she did on a clear label with black print and they look very nice. But still clean and neat.

  4. I think it looks great :) Because my girls are still so little and because Himself wouldn't remember what was in what, all of our non-food type of items are kept in their original containers and are in a safety locked cabinet either in the kitchen or the bathroom but not where the little girls can get at it. It's a pain to have to unlock each time I need to use one of those items, but it is definitely safer that way for us.

  5. I normally store this type of thing under the sink, but these are so classy-looking that I almost want to start putting them up on the counter.



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