Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special

Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special: More Than 275 Recipes for Soups, Stews, Salads and Extras

I am not vegetarian like most readers of this book seem to be so the seafood sections didn't bother me at all but I haven't actually even been interested in those sections as much as the others. (Those seafood sections aren't very long out of the 400 page book.) This book is soups, salads and then some extras to go with them such as dressings, croutons, breads and such.

I have only made a couple recipes from this book so far each were amazing. I see so many recipes I would love to try when looking through it. I think even with the seafood sections if your vegetarian or just like a diet with a lot of veggies, this cookbook will add new elements to your meals. These soups and salads are meant to be starters to a meal but I really feel these are so good that they are meals in themselves. Also these are great to make and have for lunches during the week.

The fall backs of this book are that the recipes are time intensive as they have a very long list of ingredients and not all the ingredients are just things I have on hand normally. But I would still urge people to check the book out and at least cook one or 2 of the recipes so that you can see how amazing they put flavors together.

Just a few of the recipes you will find in this book: Cream of Spinach Soup, Black Bean & Chipolte Soup, Jamacian Tomato Soup, French Pasta Salad, Tostada Salad, Low-fat Tomato Basil Dressing and Herbed Cheese Quick Bread.

Also one of my other favorite things about this book is that at the bottom of each recipe it lists other recipes that would go good with the recipe - including the page number which is very helpful.

Overall this book seems to be a good one as it has many recipes that look so good and I can't wait to try. And the few I did try were so good. It is one I think I would enjoy having in the kitchen all the time.


  1. Oooh, a new Moosewood book! The Moosewood books always have lovely, flavorful recipes that can entice even carnivores like Master to enjoy a vegetarian meal.

    Ever been to the restaurant? It's been there for decades.

  2. Safira, I have never been to the restaurant just always enjoyed the recipes from the cookbooks. I have heard great things about it though. Have you been?

    The enticing carnivores - is a really good description. Because really both Master and I are meat and potato kind of people and just one bite of these soups and were are making happy food noises!

  3. I used to live in Ithaca, where the restaurant is located, so I've been many times.

    But because they're so wonderful about publishing their recipes, the BF of the Ithaca days and I figured out it was much cheaper to make the food at home and get the whole pot of yummy soup, not just a bowl.

    Still go occasionally when I'm in New York visiting my mom, as they're good about adapting things for her dietary needs.

  4. Steaming bowl of soup with fresh bread and a green salad, attractive combo plate of crisp, balancing salads these Daily Specials have been staples of Moosewood's ever-changing menu board since the restaurant opened more than twenty-five years ago.



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