Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

These are Thanksgiving day
(and day before) cooking what to do if your turkey is still frozen, reminder to clean out your fridge so it has room for those make ahead dishes and left overs, what do do if you over salt your gravy and so on.

Eat Turkey - Holiday Cooking Tips

Food & Wine Thanksgiving Tips

BHG Thanksgiving Kitchen Tips

Holiday Cooking Q&A

10 Trick for a Trouble-Free Thanksgiving

Make Fool Proof Gravy

How to Fix 10 Common Problems

Martha Stewart Turkey Tips

How to Carve a Turkey

BHG Thanksgiving Kitchen Emergencies

Martha Stewart Recipes for Leftovers

Butterball Turkey-Talk Line - 800-BUTTERBALL (800-288-8372)

ADDING: BHG Roasting Guide -- This is REALLY a great link but I think you need to be a member. Being a member is a free sign up. And you can opt out of their mailings. I get a few of the newsletters though as they are good. Anyway back to the link it is has more then just how to roast a turkey it does it for beef, chicken and so on. But you put in when you want the turkey to be done, the weight and it will tell you so much great info on how to get that turkey done by the time you want.

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