Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Six....

Well... while we didn't have this weeks Friday Favorites, I do have Sunday Six for you :) With the new year here in our household it always brings about opportunities for growth and change. Right now I am all about ways to continue enjoying the wonderful life we have, but with conserving and saving where we can. With that in mind, I found the following links to be of value to me:

Light Bulbs By changing over most of our regular light bulbs to CFL lights we are lighting our house more efficiently and hopefully reducing our electric bill a little bit. After all every little bit helps. We are also trying to teach our three year old that not every light needs to be on in the house at the same time (she seems to want to light up America one bulb at a time). I found this site to have a great variety of bulb types and prices lower than that of my local home depot and lowes.

13 ways to lower your electric costs This article came out over the summer but I re-read it this past week and found there were some areas we could be changing our habits in to help reduce our electric bill.

Ways for the small business owner to save Another article that came out on Market Watch back in the summer but worth reading. There are many small business owners out there and some of these tips may be things you can implement into your business to save yourself some money and increase your profits.

Travel on a Budget If you are planning to do some traveling in 2011, here is an article that gives you tips and tricks on how to travel while on a budget. While you might not follow all of the tips, even changing one thing that you do may help to save you money.

Pellet Stoves for those of you who are looking for alternate ways of heating localized areas of your home, you may want to read this article about Pellet Stoves for an alternative heating solution. Our house is layed out in such a way that the lowest level of the house is always the coldest. As such we have to use other methods to heat that part of the house during the winter months. If we used our central oil heat system for that part of the house, our utility bills would be unaffordable, not to mention the rest of the house would feel like a sauna. We currently use an electric fireplace, but Himself is considering switching to a pellet stove. Just something to consider for heat and saving money.

Coupon Mom I am all about getting the most bang for my buck at the grocery store [or any store for that matter], and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site and can't say enough good things about it. Check it out, try it for yourself, and see if you too can challenge yourself to start saving more money on groceries.


  1. Yes, pellet stoves are the lowest cost option. Work good. Some burn corn chafe to really lower the fule cost.

  2. from the bottom of this slave's heart THANK YOU for these links!

  3. Working for a large chain store that sells farming equip and various pellet stoves, I agree. A skid of pellets this year cost under $200. That's 50 bags, 8-10hrs burn time per bag.

    You can get multi fuel stoves that burn the pellets, corn, even cherry (which makes the house smell great). They are a HUGE way to cut costs. Plus you can pick up a bag or 5 at a time at your local farm supply store :)



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