Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Question Month

So here are the rules....ask any question related to Domestic Service and one or more of us will answer your question. Please feel free to ask multiple questions. No limit!


  1. would you consider having posts for guy submissives who need to be hand held concerning some domestic chores? For instance, Ironing-101.

  2. I do actually have several posts like that started - just needing to take pictures. So yes there will be some more basics - step by step 101 posts coming.

  3. What is your favorite domestic task and what is your least favorite and why?

  4. What do you feel is the difference between just having to clean house and serving domestically? I have to clean house no matter if I am owned or not so what makes it serving if I had to do it anyway? I had to buy a gift for his Mom even if I wasn't owned by him because he is a man and gift buying usually falls to women. I do crafts for me because I am enjoy them so what makes it a service to him? It is hard for me to wrap my mind around that I am serving him by doing those things.



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