Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Question Month: Tasks

"What is your favorite domestic task and what is your least favorite and why."

My favorite domestic task is organizing. It really doesn't matter what I am organizing either - a draw, a cabinet, just a little space in a room or the whole room. I like going through things - throwing things away, finding ways to repurpose, donating and at times just finding better solutions to where they are and how they fit in a space. I like finding just the perfect basket, jar or other storage solution to make things neat.

My other favorites include vacuuming and making the bed especially with clean sheets. I like the lines in the carpet when I vacuum. And I like making the bed because I like the feeling beneath my hands as tuck the corners in and fold back the sheet and blanket at the top, fluffing the pillow. It makes the room look neat and smell good.

My least favorite task - just one? Okay I am trying to decide between washing the floors and putting away clothes. I like folding clothes just as kaya described in her post. But putting them away - the closet and drawers can only fit things just one way to make it all fit neatly so I put it off as long as possible. It is the one place no matter how much I organize it - there is never enough room.

I also don't like washing the floors. Main reason is me. I am not a neat cook at times. And so it is inevitable that moments after I wash the kitchen floor, I spill tomato sauce on it or flour and sugar. And next reason is we have pets and it doesn't matter how often I sweep and wash the floors, there is cat hair or paw prints.

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