Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Cleaning: Bedroom

* Declutter and reorganize. Make piles to donate or throw out.
* Empty and wash out trash can
* Dust and vacuum all moderately dirty curtains and window treatments.Start by dusting from top to bottom using the upholstery or brush attachment for the vacuum. For blinds take a dampened microfiber cloth to them wiping them top to bottom.
* Very dirty curtains and window treatments - Wash or clean according to labels.
* Wash all windows - Using vinegar and water solution with a microfiber cloth. Remember to clean window sill and on top of window sill as well as the tracts and screen. Use toothbrush for hard to reach areas
* Take heating vent cover off - scrub heating vent cover and then using vacuum hose vacuum in the shaft and surrounding area.
* Vacuum dusty cloth lampshades - using a brush attachment.
* Dust all other lamps - Using a solution of water and vinegar to lightly dampen a microfiber cloth
* Clean ceiling-mounted light fixtures and ceiling fans.
* Dust, wash and dry all walls and baseboards. Dust Wallpapered walls.
* Dust tops of doors. door frames, light switch covers and outlets
* Wash or clean all bedding: mattress pad, pillows, blankets, bed skirt, etc. Wash and put away all lighter summer bedding and wash/air out all winter bedding before making the bed again.
* Vacuum the mattress. Remove mattress and then vacuum the box spring. Flip and rotate mattress when putting it back on the bed. Vacuum it again as it will be the new top.
* Get out the winter and fall clothes. Go through the summer clothes from this year. Things not worn, get rid of it. Prepare three baskets: dry-cleaning, donating, and mending/repair. Pack up summer clothes for storage.
* Remove everything from closet. Dust and vacuum your closet: shelves, corners, walls and floors
* Clean dresser drawers - inside and out. Replace clothing neatly and place summer clothes in appropriate baskets or directly into storage.
* Dust and vacuum under and behind bed, dressers and other furniture in bedroom
* Steam clean carpet

Download and Print: Fall Cleaning List - Bedroom

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