Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tips for Vacuum Care

I once read an article in a magazine that was listing real life house cleaning horror stories from people.  I read one about a woman, who was a newlywed, spilling tuna fish on the floor so she just vacuumed it up.  Several weeks later her and husband smell something that wasn't pleasant.  They searched and finally realized it was coming from the vacuum. When the opened it up, it was...well let's just say gross.  Anyway....on to the actual subject of this post....

Your vacuum will start losing suction the fuller it gets which makes it work harder.  The motor then has to work harder too and can create wear and tear on your vacuum.

These are just a few tips to make help in extending the life of your vacuum cleaner.

As always first look in the manual for your vacuum cleaner to get full instructions on cleaning and changing the bag. If you can't find your manual, do a search online for your model number online via google search or youtube.

So just a few tips...
*  Run the vacuum for about 30 seconds before you are going to change the bag so that it sucks up the dirt and particles left in the hose.

*  Before pulling a disposable bag out, place a piece of duct tape or packing tape over the hole that connects to the vacuum so that when you pull it you don't get a lot of dust spread back into the room.  Before removing a reusable bag, bring the vacuum outside to work so that you don't get dust spread around.

*  If you have a reusable bag or filter in your vacuum, clean it and then make sure it is completely dry before placing.

* Wipe exterior of spills on vacuum to avoid unpleasant smells and sticky messes.

*  Wrap the cord neatly so that it doesn't cause tangles which can cause breaks in the wires.

*  When changing a vacuum bag, check the vacuum hose to make sure there are no obstructions visible from the end.  Also check all the brushes and attachments to make sure there isn't debris obstructing the suction.

*  Check for cracks in attachments and hoses regularly.

*  Clean all brushes and attachments - make sure there isn't any dust or sticky build up that can be spread across or cause marks on your floors.

*  Clean the wheel - removing debris, obstructions and things tangled around it - such as hair and string.

*  Store all brushes and attachments on the vacuum so that you always know where they are when cleaning.

* Change out the bag every month or 2 if you have kids and pets. Otherwise 2 to 3 times a year is all that will probably be needed. If you are having problems with the vacuum picking things up, check how full the bag is by looking at the bag and feeling the fullness.

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