Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Favorites - I like this site because it has all the ads for local stores in one place. I don't have to go to Target, Walgreen, Home Depot and so on to look at each of there ads. Instead of opening up several websites to look at ads, I open one and look at them all in one place.

Smitten Kitchen - Scalloped Tomatoes - This looks so good to me. And with a lot of gardens overflowing with tomatoes I am sure this recipe could come in handy as one more way to use them.

Action Complete - This is a productivity application based on David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology. It is available on the web and for Andriod cell phones. But is going to be available for Blackberry and iPhone/iPad soon.

Make Gift Bags from Newspaper - A green solution for wrapping gifts.

Best Natural Remedies for 15 Most Common Aches and Pains and Health Complaints - Most of the things they mention I have around the house. But I will say I know some of these haven't worked for me when I tried them in the past. But I still say it is worth a try - to be green and use things I have at home always anyway.

(I thought I hit post on this last night but of course I didn't. So Friday Favorites on Saturday)

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