Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Favorites

I just started playing with this website but it could be of use You can "clip" articles, websites, photos, pdf's, documents to save so that you can access from computer, mobile phone or ipad. It is like a cataloging system say your Sir/Ma'am likes a certain bottle of wine take a picture of it and upload it to and then when you are shopping for wine the next time you will be able to access it from your mobile phone to see which one it that is liked.

Fresh Chamomile Sun Tea - this just brewing in a jar in the sun has to be pretty as well as tasting good

Collar Stays - for Dress Shirts - Now the thing for this is to make them now while you have the collar stays and then have these as the back up stash when you can't find any of the ones that came with the shirt

How To Swap a Two-Prong for a Three-Prong Outlet

Envelope Book - they are doing it for receipts for taxes but I can see it for saving receipts for gifts and coupons

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