Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Favorites

Well, it seems most of us are stuck right in the hot, humid dog days of summer. If you're anything like me (in that you are too cheap to pay for central air), you're probably looking for ways to beat the heat.

Don't sweat it! (get it? sweat it? Ha!) I got you hooked up right here.

First, since I mentioned the dog days of summer, remember your pets out there in their non-removable fur coats. If you are hot, imagine how hot they are. Keep them cool, too! Keep your dog cool and keep your cat cool.

Now for us. Here are some links for soothing DIY summer skin care. Tomato Facials, Make your own rose water, and Make your own refreshing tangerine body spritz.

DIY linen spray to keep your linens summer-time fresh. Creamsicle (!!YUM!) and basic spray.

Home Remedies for Sunburn for when you go outside without planning to stay out there but you get distracted with weeds and flowers and what have you- and end up rather red and sore.

Just some simple tricks to keep your house cool, including jedi mind tricks. ;-)

Awesomely yummy-sounding summer drinks. Honeydew lime?! Watermelon mint!!?! Nom!

Summer drinks aren't complete without good old iced tea and lemonade. Here are some recipes to jazz up your lemonade.

With all these tips, we should be able to keep the AC off all summer! Which is easy for me since I don't even have one. :P

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