Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It is Spring Cleaning time and I am sick as in actually not feeling good. I mean sicker then I have been in 10 or more years. It is driving me crazy as I really was all ready to tackle my Spring Cleaning lists. We have a very special someone coming to visit us in April so I wanted all my Spring Cleaning to be done and things to be organized and refreshed in the house.  I have been sick a lot this year already, so has put me behind schedule in my normal cleaning routines. I haven't been able to clean like I usually do on a daily basis so things add up.  I mean simple things that are just part of my routine like filing are stacked so they are falling over into a bigger mess. I usually shred things 2 to 4 times a year and I haven't at all since last Spring. So I am behind and it is driving me crazy (luckily this last year didn't have that much shredding so the pile isn't completely out of control).  I am hoping today that I can get some filing done because at least it doesn't require a lot of moving around which has been creating coughing attacks.

But in the mean time while I heal and get healthy,  I am sharing with you some Spring cleaning lists, how-to guides, and just some general tips and tricks to maybe help you in your Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning lists...
Living Areas
Dining Room
Closets and Laundry Room
Basement, Attic and Garage

Cleaning the Toaster
Cleaning the Microwave
Cleaning Your Computer
Washing Pillows
Cleaning your Dishwasher
Folding Towels
Folding Fitted Sheets Video and Folding Sheets photos (plus to ways to fold to store them neatly)

Overhaulin  - some spring cleaning tips
Spring Cleaning Tips - links to more spring cleaning lists too
100 Reasons to Get Rid of It - a great source for if you are recycling and need places to donate or dispose of items
A Quicker Clean House
5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean
Tackling the Endless To-Do List

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