Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to the Basics: Cleaning the Toaster

I have been really busy the last several months. And so my usual cleaning lagged behind which created bigger cleaning issues. And the toaster was one of those issues. Also - I let it go a while because I knew I wanted to take a really bad before picture as every other time I tried it didn't show the crumbs that well.

If possible, consult your owner’s manual for tips to clean your specific toaster make and model.

1) Make sure toaster is cool. Unplug it.

2) Open up or pull out crumb tray, empty over trash can, giving it gentle taps or shakes to get all the crumbs out.

 Not all units will have a tray so you will move down to the next step.

3) There always seem to be some crumbs that just stick in the toaster or you might not have a crumb tray. Tip toaster upside down over trash can - give a gentle but firm shake. If there are still some crumbs, use a blow dryer set on low or use some canned air to spray into the spots and hopefully one of those 2 methods will dislodge any crumbs in tight spots. .

4) Wipe the outside of the toaster and the crumb tray. Spray cloth with soap and water or vinegar and water solution and wipe clean.  If there are crumbs that are burnt on or really stuck and are not loosening, use a toothbrush on them. After wiping down, dry and buff to shine with a microfiber cloth.

The crumb tray photo above is obviously clean I forgot to take a picture of it when it was dirty.


  1. Thank you so much for these basic posts. I am a sissy maid, who finds all these basic tips really useful. It really is a case of the more housework tips the better.
    Daniela Drudge



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