Thursday, November 17, 2011

Apps for Domestic Service Part 2

These are apps I have read about or heard good things about. But I don't have any of them as of yet. That might change over the next few days. 

Pocket Informantpowerful Calendar, Notes, Contacts, Task functions to your device (iPhone, iPad, blackberry and android). It is capable of  creating events, has task grouping, GTD/Franklin Covey style tasks, Google, Toodledo, and Desktop sync. 

Saving Money 
Mint  -  It has easy budgeting, timely alerts, helpful graphs, investment tracking, help to achieve goals, bill reminders,  and ways to find savings

Grocery Pal - Find sales your local grocery and discount stores. 

Apples2Oranges - lets you compare two prices, even when the item sizes are different. Also does calorie count.

Spark People - Food and fitness tracker as well as healthy recipes

Betty Crocker Cookbook 2,500 tried-and-true recipes at your fingertips

Cooks Illustrated50 of Cook’s Illustrated's all-time best recipes, along with a collection of popular and practical supermarket ingredient reviews, recipe videos, and kitchen timer and shopping list features

How to Cook Everything/How to Cook Everything Vegetarian - "Thousands of recipes and variations; how-to illustrations; menu ideas; and Mark Bittman’s straightforward cooking advice for simple good food. App-only features include recipe timers, easy-to-use shopping lists, and Favorites folders. Best of all, each app is self-contained, so no network connection is required, making these apps the ultimate on-the-go kitchen companions."

Smoothies - dairy free - 100% vegan smoothie recipes

21 Day Vegan Kick Start -  recipes and resources to improve and regain your health and includes step-by-step recipe photos.

FoodGawking - has food porn and then links to the recipe/resource.  Go to the bottom of the page and you will see the link for download on iPhone

Fooducate  - You scan the barcode and it will tell you what is actually in the product (basically telling you things you don't understand on the label) and then it will also give you healthier choices. 

iGrowit - it is for the USA and UK. Find out what vegetables you can plant right now, follow detailed growing instructions that will take you from preparation and planting all the way  through to picking and eating your home-grown vegetables, and recipes to use those vegetables in

Green Genie -  Over 100 projects and tips (and growing), sharing strategies and info with others, a breakdown of certified green products, full glossary of green terms, a collection of essential reading, links to the best green websites, an explanation of the different kinds of plastics and their recyclability, alist of green organizations and many other features

Around the House
Remodelista - search files of the sourcebook of products and posts, my Design files bookmarking feature, ability to look at posts in categories. 

Dwell - Modern architecture and design 

Selecting Wines for Dummies Articles on popular wine topics, favorites wine list, sharing wines with your friends, sound clip for pronunciation, food and wine pairing tool and several other features. 

DwellGawking - like FoodGawking but for dwellings

CraftGawking - again like FoodGawking but for crafts

Tip Junkie - Great website has a free app that looks good too. You can “Heart” your favorite tutorials from ALL of the Tip Junkie sites to “bookmark” them for easy access later, participate in the Tip Junkie Community

SixThreeFive also left a comment on the last post of her favorite Android apps but I noticed a few of these have links to other devices. 

Chore Checklist - helps me have a checklist of daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly chores. 

Our groceries - Lets you share and create multiple grocery and other to-buy lists. Just sync your phone and you won't need to call home to see if you need milk. 

ShapeUpClub - Logs my excercise and calories. 

Easy Money - keeps track of your credit and debit cards, as well as your walled and change. You just have to remember to use it... Has bill reminders, budgets, and other things as well.

House Maintanence Schedule - I don't personally use this, we live in an apartment, but it helps you remember to clean your waterheater, you vents, and other seasonal chores. 

Chore Master Pro - Allows family members to gain points for doing chores. We don't use this one, but if we had children old enough, I think I would.

FetLife Domestic Servitude group had a good thread on this subject too so please check it out for some members favorite apps. 

Just a few other links you might find some good apps...
From AppGuide - Best Chore Management Apps
50 Best Android Apps from PCWorld
Gizmodo The Best Android Apps

Please share in the comments your favorite apps that help you in your service. 

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