Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Bad Smell in Your Car? What to Do...

A pet has an accident in the car…a child gets sick—you get the idea. There’s a baaaaaaad smell in the car! Put a shallow bowl of distilled white vinegar on the car’s floor, both in front and in back. Then close the windows and lock up the car for the night.

In the morning, the offensive smell should be gone. Remove the bowls, then open the doors and windows for a few minutes so that any lingering vinegar smell will also disappear.

(I've heard people tell of using the vinegar-in-a-bowl trick in a smoker's home or for pet smells, too!)

Blister Prevention

To prevent blisters, apply any type of antiperspirant to the bottom of your feet before you go jogging or hiking. The antiperspirant should prevent the friction that causes blisters.

You can also use other types of lubricants to prevent blisters, such as petroleum jelly.

Smarter Packing

If you’re traveling with your partner, family or friend(s), pack a change of clothes in someone else’s suitcase and pack one of their outfits in your suitcase. That way, if one of your suitcases gets lost, you’ll each still have something to wear.

Window Screens Need Cleaning?

Easy Trick...
Before you wash a window screen, vacuum up the dirt that’s sitting there. Then, get any leftover dirt by pressing a sticky lint roller over the screen’s surface. After vacuuming and lint-rollering, you may not need to wash the screen after all!

To Freshen Stale Rolls...

Put your stale rolls in a small, brown paper bag, moisten the bag with water, and put it in the oven (pre­heated to 300°F). When the bag is dry—in just a few minutes, so don’t leave the kitchen—take out the bag and remove the rolls. They should taste like they did when they were baked the first time!

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