Saturday, September 3, 2011

Glass Cleaning Cloth: Update

Back in October of last year, I posted this review of a recently purchased microfiber glass cleaning cloth that worked with just water. Since I've had it now for nearly a year, I figured I could give a more accurate review of it.

Short Story: I love it. :)

Long Story: I paid less than two bucks for it almost a year ago and it still works like new. I've laundered it several times (though never put it in the dryer) and it still works great.

I don't even know where my bottle of Windex is, or if I still have any. I haven't needed it.

I simply wet a small portion of the cloth in the faucet, scrub the window or mirror free of any spots, smears or dirt, and then polish it with the dry portion of the cloth. It leaves them clean and streak-free.

The cloth I bought is from a company called Quickie Green Cleaning but it doesn't look like they sell directly. I got mine at Wal-mart, though I'm sure they sell in other stores, too.

I like it so much, I might invest in their other products. Amazon has a multi-pack for sale. :-)

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