Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tips

A Hair Dryer in the Kitchen?

Yes, keeping a hair dryer in the kitchen is a good idea. It can help you dry just-washed salad greens...soften too-frozen ice cream...set icing on a cake...dry a big water splotch you got on your blouse right before your guests are due to arrive...and probably a dozen more useful things that you’ll think of when the dryer is within reach in the kitchen.

A Fresher Carpet in Minutes

Dry-clean your carpet by sprinkling it liberally with baking soda. Use a flour sifter to help distribute it evenly. If you can leave the baking soda on your carpet overnight, do it. If not, let it stay for at least one hour.

Meanwhile, sprinkle one tablespoon of your favorite fragrant herb (optional)—such as lavender—on the carpet. After waiting, vacuum up the baking soda and whichever herb you used. The unpleasant carpet odors—cigarette smoke, mustiness, wet dog, cat urine—should be gone, and the fragrant aroma of the herb should be in the air.

Make Your Summer Guests Feel Welcome

To make guests feel at home, hang a shoe bag over the bathroom door and fill the pockets with items they might need—for example, bars of soap, washcloths, body lotion, shampoo, a hair dryer, combs and brushes, gel, mousse, a toothbrush and toothpaste...even a rubber ducky!

For Juicier Chicken

If possible, when cooking chicken leave the skin on. There’s a membrane between the skin and meat of a chicken that keeps moisture in and fat out while it’s cooking. So, for juicier, more flavorful chicken, remove the skin after it has been cooked.

Pest-Free Picnic

When you’re having a picnic, barbecue or any other kind of outdoor gathering, put portable, battery-powered fans around the area (at least two). Place one facing the center of the party, and one aimed at the food table.
The fans will keep flying insects (such as mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies and gnats) away while keeping your guests cool.

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  1. The hairdryer in the kitchen idea doesn't sound very hygienic to me. Warm air from a machine you can't sterilize? Isn't that how disease gets spread through aircon systems? Maybe I'm wrong, just giving my reaction...



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