Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Forward!

Although I know not all the readers have to reset their clocks for Daylight Savings madness, the time change can serve as a reminder to do some twice a year household maintenance.

Specifically, this is a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detector. Early fire detection can save lives, as I've seen over and over again in my job. Just a few months ago, a 12 year-old boy in my county was awakened by the sound of the smoke detector and alerted his family and they all got out of the house safely.

Some other things you might want to consider doing while resetting your clocks:

* Wash the Windows inside and out
* Change your online passwords
* Change your windshield wipers
* Check batteries in your emergency flashlights
* Clean the baseboards in your house
* Pull out the fridge and dust/vacuum the coils
* Rotate/Flip Mattress

Those are just a few ideas I had. What about you? What things can you add?


  1. Malcolm if you google baseboards - it will come up with tons of images to help you see them. But they are all the boards/molding that covers the joint of the wall and the floor. It is suppose to protect the wall from furniture and feet rubbing/kicking the wall.

  2. thank you.

    I forwarded this post to my wife to see if she wanted me to do any of them. She directed me to flip the mattress and wash the insides of the windows.

    I found our mattress has a top and bottom. The bottom can not be used to sleep on. Instead I move our feet to our head and visa versa.



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