Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It is now officially SPRING! And that means spring cleaning is here. I honestly think that it is one of my favorite times of the year. I started a little early this year as I knew I was going to have a busy spring. I have been going through closets and dressers. I have piles ready to donate, mend/repair, repurpose and toss. I have had my toothbrush out scrubbing all the grooves of the faucet and cupboard door handles. And it made me feel so good....see I must a masochist?

Once again I thought I would share my spring cleaning lists. I have done just slight updates to the lists. A few little changes/additions.

Spring Cleaning Lists
Living Areas
Dining Room
Closets and Laundry Room
Basement, Attic and Garage


  1. I'm starting my spring cleaning this weekend and I'm going to print out your Spring Cleaning List and go step by step.
    I think I have cleaning ADD because everytime I start cleaning I lose focus and bounce around unless I have everything wrote down and I check things off.

  2. Mija, my suggestion since my lists can get very overwhelming at times. (I get overwhelmed by them.) Is to not get stuck on the next thing....if one thing is hanging you up on the list - go to the next. And not let that ONE thing stop you from continuing. If it is the next 2 things, continue down until you can find that thing that you can do in that moment. Because once you find something it build momentum. And then those other things might not seem so hard or you find solutions to make them happen. So do what you can and don't force yourself to do more then you can handle.

  3. Thanks danae! I needed that kick to get me going again!

  4. Oh lord, spring cleaning. We're beginning to do it this week (although it's gone and gotten cold again :( )



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