Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Favorites

This week, I'm celebrating the flavors of summer before it winds down.

Raspberry Limeade Slushies
I've been going through a lime juice phase. So I definitely perked when I saw these luscious slushies with two of my favorite fruit.

French Martini Sorbet
A yummy cocktail inspired dessert from Cooking Light, combining the flavors of raspberry, lemon and pineapple.

Insalata Caprese
Usually by this time of year, we are overrun with tomatoey goodness. My favorite way to use them is Insalata Caprese (the leftovers- if there are any- are great in a sandwich the next day). Best of all, it's a no-cook recipe that's ready in ten minutes. While the traditional recipe only calls for olive oil, occasionally I will cheat and drizzle a few drops of a rich balsamic vinegar on top.

Argula Salad with Peaches and Goat Cheese
This is a new-to-me blog but I love some of the recipes showcased. Make sure you read the helpful Kitchen Notes at the bottom of the recipe. I love using fresh fruits in salads- blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches. So the combination of argula and peaches picqued my interest immediately. Especially with creamy goat cheese and a garlicky dressing. Yum!

And... from the same blog: summertime equals sizzling steaks from the grill for me. But I like to add a fresh, herbal summery kick with chimichurri sauce during these hotter than hot months (plus I can drizzle the sauce on grilled veggies, salads, bread, etc). Blue Kitchen has a recipe that went immediately on my "must try now!" list: Pan Seared Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce


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