Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flying the Flag on Memorial Day


Fly the Flag on Memorial Day

Step 1. Raise the flag to the top of the pole, and then lower to half-staff position, which is halfway between the top and bottom of the pole. This is the proper way to fly a flag at half-staff.

Step 2. At noon, raise the flag once again to the top of the pole, full staff position.

Step 3. At sunset, ceremonially (slowly) lower the flag and store for the night. The American flag should never be flown at night unless it is properly illuminated by a spotlight trained on it.

Mounting a Flag on the Side of a House

Step 1. Choose a place to mount your flag. Usually the front of the home, on either side of the front door is best, but there are no regulations to this affect. Choose a place where the flag will be visible and has room to move in the wind without being tangled in trees or other obstructions.

Step 2. Mount the flagpole bracket to the wall with screws, usually provided with the purchase of the bracket.

Step 3. Adjust the bracket to the angle you want the flag to fly. Traditionally this is an angle higher than would make the flag fly horizontally. Make sure that the angle is high enough that the flag will not drag on the ground.

Step 4. Place the pole into the bracket and tighten to hold in place.

Step 5. Visit the, which has information about the history of the flag, flag regulations and many other interesting facts.

Tips & Warnings

Although many Americans fly their flags year round, yours should especially be displayed on days such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and the fourth of July, along with other national holidays.

The US flag should never touch the ground.

Unless you have purchased an all-weather flag, do not fly in bad weather. In high winds it is always best to take the flag down.

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