Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Organizing Household Appliance Manuals

Do you have a junk draw stuffed with instruction booklets and manuals for your household appliances?  I used to store them in a cupboard and every time I removed one - 10 came spilling out.

Recently we bought a new entertainment cabinet and has more storage than our old so I decided to use it for all those manuals.

I took a basket, a box of  gallon size ziplock bags and marker to organize them better. I labeled the bags with rooms in our house.  I took all the kitchen appliances manual and placed them into the coordinating bag.  Some manuals such as the one for our TV - had lots of little parts and booklets - so those I did in a single ziplock. They are all now in the basket. I have kitchen appliances first in the basket, because I tend to get into those manuals more often - such as when it is time to clean the oven or coffee maker.

Do you have a way you organize those manuals? I would love to hear how others organize them.

1 comment:

  1. This is genius! I even tried using a file in my filing cabinet and had them falling out. Thank you.



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