Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cleaning the Iron

Please read your manufactures instruction manual.

Mineral deposits can clog your steam iron. You can dissolve them by pouring some white vinegar into the water tank and letting it steam for several minutes. After cleaning with the vinegar, iron an old clean cloth. Residue will be deposited on the cloth. Cool the iron and rinse with water or distilled water if your iron calls for distilled water. If you get frequent mineral deposits, it might be because you are using tap water.

If you use spray starch, it will stick to the soleplate of the iron and need cleaning. The best way to clean it is to make a paste of baking soda and water and then brush the soleplate with an old clean tooth brush. If it isn't coming clean, then apply it again and scrub firmly. Cleaning it regularly will prevent the stuck on spray starch rubbing off on clothing when you are ironing.


  1. Hello,

    this morning my iron put out rust with the steam causing stains on my wife's business shirt. Is there a way to fix the iron so it wont spit out rusty water or does it have to be replaced?

    thank you.


  2. My experience with irons is that once they are putting out rust, usually no amount of cleaning will get all of the rust out. Irons are inexpensive enough, IMO, that I would rather replace the iron than ruin a good shirt.

    Some people will certainly feel otherwise and I know there are people who believe that a mixture of baking soda and vinegar will get the rust out of the irons inards. You could try that, but it hasn't ever worked for me.

    Good luck :) and if it were me I would simply replace the iron.

  3. Ms. Jen,

    thank you. I forwarded your comment to my wife for her to decide. The response was apperciated.


  4. I agree with Jen. Some say that just doing the vinegar steaming and ironing it on an old towel or cloth over and over again until you don't see rust anymore but as Jen said I haven't ever seen that to be completely true. Using distilled water and emptying the chamber out after each use is suppose to cut down the chances of getting rust.

  5. Thank you very much for the post. this slave was going to google how to get the starch off of the iron today and read your blog first, perfect timing.



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