I live in western Colorado and have been in a service oriented M/s relationship with Michael for the last 9 years. I am wired for service, to obey and be property. I am bisexual, masochistic, sexually submissive and poly.

I am a long time blogger - blogging about my life and thoughts/beliefs of the lifestyle. We have a website that is called within Reality because although we are a kinky Master/slave couple we believe in keeping our feet firmly planted in reality. It has our thoughts on the lifestyle as well as various resources and essays. I also have a group on FetLife devoted to Domestic Servitude.

This blog was started because I enjoy making Master's home life streamlined and satisfying. I enjoy being in domestic service to him as I am a girl who enjoys all things domestic: cooking, entertaining, crafts, DIY, decorating and even cleaning.

From my favorite resource Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping a House by Cheryl Mendelson:
"It is scarcely surprising then, that so many people imagine housekeeping to be boring, frustrating, repetitive, unintelligent drudgery. I cannot agree. Each of its regular routines brings satisfaction when it is completed . These routines echo the rhythm of life, and the housekeeping rhythm is the rhythm of the body. You get satisfaction not only from the sense of order, cleanliness, freshness, peace and plenty restored, but from the knowledge that you yourself and those you care about are going to enjoy these benefits."
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